Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Easy Craft Idea for DIY Projects! {Craft of the Week}

1. get some mugs! go to your closest thrift store, dollar store, walmart, or pull them out of your cupboards.
2. get some buttons! use those extra buttons you have lying around your home, or grab some more at the store. they don't have to be matching to work!
3. glue them across the tops of the mugs {I used superglue}, or glue them in the middle of the cups, its your choice...get creative!

DONE! Now, just set them on your shelves, counters, or even on a mug holder to display them. You just created something unique and fun to add to your kitchen for next to nothing!

*If you have any quick ideas for DIY projects, we wanna hear about it! Leave a comment or email me and I will feature your idea on the blog.


{stop&smell the flowers}
{bloom where you are planted}

these colorful flower pots can work great in a china hutch, wall shelves, kitchen decor above cabinets, or anywhere in your home! $12 each or set of 3 for $30.

A Little Something for Grandma!

"A Grandma is a Mom with Extra Frosting" {we all agree to that right!} give it as a gift, or for all you grandma's out there...grab it for yourself! This adorable plaque can be customized in your own home colors. This specific one is a deep{wine}burgundy with cream vinyl and cream distressed edging. can come with backers for hanging on a wall, or set it on an easle for display! $12

Boys Will Be Boys

bright blue and light blue contrasting colors, thick stripes, white vinyl. comes with backers for hanging. $25

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Great Baby Shower Gifts!


Decorative letters in colorful papers spell "WISH" on navy blue plaques. Plaque size are 8x8. Hung with a wide green stitched ribbon. Was $25, Sale $18.75

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shelf Boards

buy them completed, or buy the kits for a girls night project, or simply to be creative and do yourself!

shabby cream board with black vinyl. embellished with black, white, and blue buttons.
completed: $10
wood and vinyl kit for "do it yourself" :$5

burnt orange with cream vinyl. ribbon embellishment. appx. 3x11
completed: $10
wood and vinyl kit: $5

black sanded for rustic look. cream vinyl. appx. 3x8.
completed: $9
wood and vinyl kit: $5

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

bright magenta pink with white distress, white vinyl, and embellished with blacks, pinks and whites! put it on a stand, shelf, or dresser. adorable. $12

Framed Quotes

frame your wall quote! customize the color of your frame and pick your own quote! apply the quote directly to your wall, and frame it! be unique! or buy the kit and 'do it yourself'!
completed, $14.
kit(plain wood frame, with vinyl),$9


pale green, light blue, and navy blue colors with car embellish-ments. spells VROOM! so cute for your little boys nursery or bedroom shelves! $20

When Life Gives You Lemons...

make Lemonade! lemon chiffon in color, black distress for great shabby/beachy/rustic look. even looks good with country decor! black vinyl. appx. 6x31". love love love this one! $22

SALE: Bows, Ribbons, Curls

super cute bow holder! white wall plaque with purple/pink flower center, black distress. white vinyl that reads 'Bows, Ribbons, Curls'..and purple ribbon for hanging your little girls bows and clips. SALE $12

Customize This Tile!

customize this 'tuscan stone' porceline tile with your very own last name&initial! include your established date, or get creative with your favorite quote/saying! tile is a light cream with rough edges for a great tuscan or rustic look. $22 (without stand) $27 includes a stand.

P.S. I love You

super cute shabby chic shelf board. shabby white with cream vinyl... embellished with reds, blacks, whites galore! appx. 3x10. $12

Who Doesn't Love Mustard Yellow?!

mustard yellow, black vinyl. embellished with thick chocolate brown ribbon with smaller brown/black checkered ribbon. appx.6 x 27", beveled edge. $25

Never Trust a Skinny Cook

appx. 6x25", cardinal red color with black distress edging. white vinyl. and yes...real silverware! $25

a few new plates...

plates with stand $15. just plate $10. feel free to order just the vinyl for a 'do it yourself' project! just vinyl $4-$7(vinyl costs vary depending on quote)

Little Dino

great for sitting on shelves in your little boys room, or stick them right to a door or wall! can customize anything to put on it! names, first initials, cute little boy quotes...anything will do! get creative!

Family: a gift that lasts forever

sage green with sanded edging...appx. 9x14 in size. cream vinyl "family" and black vinyl overlay "a gift that lasts forever". can come with backers for hanging, sit it on a shelf, or put it on an end table. customize it to make it your own! love it.